How to Embed Zip Files in PowerPoint

Updated April 17, 2017

You can include any type of file, including ZIP files, in a Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 presentation. This is a useful way to reduce the size of your PowerPoint file while preserving a wide variety of content that you can incorporate into your presentation. You can display the contents of your ZIP file--data, pictures, movies, sounds, music, etc.--during your presentation. Simply double-click the icon that you will add to the presentation and ZIP file will open, showing you the compressed files within.

Select the "Insert" ribbon.

Click "Object."

Select the "Create from file" radio button when the "Insert Object" dialogue box appears.

Click the "Browse" button and select your ZIP file.

Click "OK."


If you click the "Link" box on the "Insert Object" dialogue box, PowerPoint will reference the ZIP file rather than adding a physical copy of it to your presentation. This keeps the size of your presentation low and allows you to retain updates that you make to the ZIP file in the future. You can also enter instructions in either the presentation or "Notes" field to tell the recipient(s) how to unzip the files. If you want to include the ZIP file but keep it from appearing in your presentation, you can store it in the "Notes" field on any slide.


Be careful to keep all linked files with the presentation file. If PowerPoint cannot locate a linked file, it cannot use it in your presentation.

Things You'll Need

  • ZIP file
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