How to Price Flint Arrowheads

Updated February 21, 2017

The ancient flint arrowheads found across North America are considered significant artefacts from Native American history and are valued by historians as well as collectors. Some collectors are lucky enough to inherit these pieces of history from previous generations. Others take pride in their personally unearthed arrowheads found in fields or along creek beds. If you are considering selling part of your collection or are wondering if you should insure your objects, placing a monetary value on your arrowheads is essential.

Examine your arrowhead carefully. Make a note of the item's condition, particularly if it is broken or chipped in any way, as this can greatly affect the artefact's value.

Take photos of the arrowhead you wish to price. Ensure the photos are detailed enough that all flaws and imperfections are well represented. Make two copies of the photos, keeping one copy for your own records. On each photo, write the location in which your arrowhead was found; this will help to determine its age.

Search eBay for arrowheads for sale that are similar to yours. This will give you an idea of your artefact's expected sale price on such auction sites. Some websites, such as, have forums that may help collectors determine the value of their artefacts.

Contact an expert collector who is willing to give you an estimated value of your arrowhead. The expert will likely want to see your photos before appraising your arrowhead. The photos will help the expert determine some basic information about the artefact, such as the tribe that may have created it as well as the approximate age. is one web site that offers an appraisal service.


Although they often carry significant sentimental value, most arrowheads will not sell for a large amount of money. This is due to the fact that they are so commonly found and collected. According to, most common arrowheads in perfect condition are worth between £13 and £22.

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