Troubleshooting a Samsung TV

Samsung is a large Japanese producer of consumer electronics, including computer monitors, personal audio devices, digital camcorders, and plasma and LCD television sets. Samsung TVs can suffer from various issues including overheating malfunctions, which can occur on rear-projection sets, and dead pixels, which can afflict LCD and plasma models. Many of these problems require technical assistance from Samsung or from a qualified TV repairman. Many issues, however, can be remedied by changing the settings on your TV and checking connections.

Push the Mute button on your Samsung remote. This may have been pressed in error, causing the audio to be muted. Make sure there are no headphones attached to your TV set, as this will restrict external audio.

Examine the cables connected to the back of your Samsung set. Make sure they are securely attached to the correct outlets. Loose or incorrectly attached cables can cause sound problems.

Check the volume levels on external devices that are linked to your Samsung television if your sound seems unusually low or is completely muted. Devices such as Blu-ray DVD players and games consoles have internal volume settings that can affect sound output if not turned up high enough. Press the Menu button and the Settings button on the device's remote control to correct audio settings.

Push the Menu button on your Samsung remote control if pictures are grainy and lack focus. Select the Picture Settings option from the list on screen.

Select the Mode option followed by Sharpness. You can now adjust the sharpness settings to improve picture quality.

Examine the cables that connect to the rear of your TV if images appear in black and white when they should be in colour.

Reset your Samsung TV to its original factory settings if problems continue. Push the Menu button on your remote control and follow the step-by step instructions on screen. A factory reset can eliminate black and white display problems.

Examine the cables that link an external device to your Samsung TV. The Samsung Customer Support website states that loose cables can cause a No Video message to appear on screen even when audio levels are fine.

Make sure each cable is in the correct socket. Video cables on Samsung sets are normally colour coded for easy identification.

Change the game or DVD for another disc. This will identify whether the disc is faulty rather than your connections. Attach a different device to your Samsung TV if checking cables and changing discs does not solve the issue. Purchase new cables if problems persist.

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