How to Start a Part Time Waterless Car Wash Business

Updated April 17, 2017

A car wash is a facility used to clean exteriors, and in some cases interiors, of motor vehicles. A waterless car wash, also known as a chemical car wash, uses chemicals to wash and polish car surfaces. This style of washing cars that saves water has been well-received as an eco-friendly car wash method around the world. You can establish your part-time waterless car wash business by buying an existing car wash business or beginning one from scratch.

Write a business plan. This should be the first thing you do when planning to start a part-time car washing business. Writing down your plan helps you run your business in a more orderly way. According to Your Business Pal, a one stop shop for Small Business Start Up, starting a business can be hard work but chances are, once it is successful, all of the initial planning will all have been worthwhile. Your business plan should address key issues like capital, location of business, projected costs and profits.

Secure sufficient capital. The amount of capital needed will be guided by the business plan you have written down. Begin by checking how much savings you have that can be used as capital. If you have a shortfall, acquire a loan from family, friends or any suitable financial institution.

Apply and acquire a business license from the city or county department handling business permits. You will also have to find out if there are any requirements for opening your business or any special restrictions in the area you want to set up your business.

Find a good location for your business. According to Small Business Notes, the location of the business place should be determined by several things like nearness to potential customers, business competitors, accessibility, visibility, occupancy or rent rates, safety and whether the area is growing or declining. Depending on the type of car wash you settle for, space will also be a factor. According to Dult Meire Sale, an ideal bay size is 16' wide x 28' long while a truck bay should be 17-18' wide and 28' long.

Advertise your new business. This helps create awareness and increase clientele which leads to increased profits. Study the different advertising methods available and choose the one that will best suit your business. Ensure the advertising you do carries your full contact information such as your box, e-mail, website, phone and fax numbers.

Buy a waterless car wash solution. According to Freedom Waterless Car Wash, a company dealing with waterless wash solutions, all it takes is 709ml of waterless car wash product to clean the average size car. The solution goes on smooth, cleans very well and buffs off with little effort.


Offer customers discounted car washes to build up your customer base. Sell car-related accessories like air fresheners, car clocks and CD holders. Pin up a clear sign board or schedule of working hours and days to avoid customers coming when you are not in.

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