How to Convert Cm into Feet & Inches

Updated February 21, 2017

Centimetres are metric length units that are indicated on a standard ruler as small hash marks between inches. In the U.S., imperial length units are used more than metric units, such as inches and feet. In order to convert centimetres into feet or inches, you must first learn how many centimetres make up one inch, and correspondingly, one foot. Once you've learnt how to convert centimetres into imperial units of measurement, you can use a basic ruler to measure anything in centimetres, then convert the measurement to feet or inches.

Add up the centimetre marks on your measured length. If using a centimetre, or metric, ruler, the amount of centimetres will be displayed on the ruler as; 1,2,3,4 and so on. If you're using a standard imperial ruler, inches will be displayed as 1 through 12, making one foot. If using a standard ruler, count the second- smallest hash marks over the distance of your length. The second-smallest are centimetre marks, the smallest are millimetres and the largest are inches.

Multiply the number of centimetres by 0.393700387 to get the distance in inches. This is the number of centimetres in one inch. For example; 25 centimetres multiplied by 0.393700387= 9.842519675 inches. You then you can round this number to 9.8 if you prefer.

Add up the number of centimetres and divide the number by 30.48 to get the amount of feet for your measured length. 30.48 is the amount of centimetres in one foot. For example: 762 centimetres divided by 30.48= 25 feet.

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