How to send free SMS messages in the United Kingdom

Updated July 20, 2017

If you have ever wanted to send free SMS messages (text messages) in the United Kingdom but thought that idea was impossible, you will be pleased to know it is not. There are services that allow you to send free SMS messages via the Internet to your contacts' cellular devices (as well as other countries).

Freebie SMS

Go to the Freebie SMS website (see Resources).

Select "select a contact from your address book." If you do not have a contact in your address book on the site, enter the name and appropriate contact details.

Select "Add to my address book."

Select "Enter your phone number." Enter your full name and mobile number and select "Store my contact details."

Type your message in the "Message" field, then elect "Send my text message" to send your SMS message.

By email

Sign into your e-mail account and create a new message.

Type in your contact's phone number in the "To," field with area code first and the appropriate SMS gateway in the field. If entered correctly, it will look something like this: (For a full list of SMS gateways please refer to the "Resources" section.)

Type your message inside the body of the email. Once completed, send the message.

AOL Instant Messenger

Open AIM, the AOL Instant Messenger (see Resources) .

Create a new message and type your contact's telephone number and country code into the appropriate field (e.g.+441973123456). The plus sign is only necessary with some services.

Type your message in the body of the IM. Once you have typed your message select "send."

Things You'll Need

  • E-Mail Account (optional)
  • AIM (optional)
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