Sony Dav-S800 DVD Player Troubleshooting

Updated February 21, 2017

The Sony DAV S800 is a DVD player with a home 5.1 DTS cinema speaker kit attached. Sony's products are well known and trusted; however, as with most DVD and audio systems, problems can arise. Most are simple to fix, whether it be a cable that has become disconnected or condensation forming inside the unit. Before taking your DVD player in for a service, try going through a few basic troubleshooting steps on your own.

Secure the A/C power cord into the wall outlet if the DVD player will not power on. Test another appliance in the same outlet to check that it is "hot."

Ensure that all the connecting cords are secure and free of damage if the DVD player is not generating an image on the TV. See that the colour-coded pins on the cables are connected to the corresponding colours on the components.

Ensure connecting cords are not near a motor or transformer if you hear a humming sound coming from the player. If this does not solve the sound problem, try wiping the jacks and plugs with a cloth slightly moistened with alcohol.

Check that the sound field function is ON if the surround effect is difficult to hear when you are playing a Dolby Digital soundtrack. Repeatedly press SOUND FIELD on the remote control until the sound field you want appears on the front panel display.

Insert the disc with the playback side facing down on the disc tray if the disc does not play.

Turn the system on and allow it to sit for at least an hour if moisture forms inside. This can happen when the unit is brought from a cold to a warm location, or placed in a damp room. Condensation can form inside the unit and on the lens, causing the player to malfunction.


With some discs, sound may come from the centre speaker only. If anything (including liquid) falls into the DVD player, unplug the unit and have a qualified service technician check it out. Unplug the player from the power outlet during electrical storms, or if it's not in use for extended periods of time.


Keep the unit and discs away from equipment with powerful magnets, such as microwave ovens or large speakers. Do not cover the player or place it on a thick carpet so the vents are blocked. This could cause the unit to overheat.

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