How to Make a Homemade Ceramic Smoker

Updated July 20, 2017

A homemade ceramic smoker is an easy project almost anyone can do. The most convenient way to make a ceramic smoker is by using two large ceramic flower pots. This way, the task can be completed in less than an hour. Smoking food takes a lot of time, approximately three to six hours, but it infuses the food with flavours that an average grill does not. Another good thing about using a smoker is that you don't have to worry about burning one side of the meat or turning the food frequently because a smoker distributes the heat evenly at low, controlled temperatures.

Place the flower pot stand on the ground where you plan to use your ceramic smoker. The proper stand should keep the bottom of the flower pot 2 inches to 3 inches away from the ground. The ideal location will be away from the house, any trees or flammable material.

Soak two to three handfuls of flavoured wood chips in water for approximately 30 minutes. You can purchase wood chips in the grilling section of your favourite home store or online.

Place the electric hot plate in the large terracotta pot on the bottom. Pull the electrical cord through the hole at the base of the flower pot. Place the flower pot in its stand.

Place the terracotta saucer on top of the electric hot plate. Place the soaked wood chips in the saucer.

Plug in the electric hot plate and turn it on to "low" until the wood chips begin to smoke.

Insert the circular cooking grate into the large terracotta pot. The grate should be roughly 15 inches in diameter for it to rest near the top of the flower pot. Arrange the food on top of the grate.

Cover the smoker with the other circular terracotta pot so the top of the second pot is directly on top of the first pot and acting as a lid.

Insert the cooking thermometer into the hole at the top of the pot that is used as a lid. Keep an eye on the temperature to ensure that it stays under 121 degrees Celsius. If the temperature exceeds 121 degrees C, remove the lid to allow some of the heat to escape.

Smoke food until it's cooked thoroughly.

Things You'll Need

  • Flower pot stand
  • Flavoured wood chips
  • Water
  • Electric hot plate
  • Two large terracotta pots, 17 inches in diameter
  • Terracotta saucer
  • Circular cooking grate, 15 inches in diameter
  • Cooking thermometer
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