How to Join Phone Cables

Updated February 21, 2017

When hooking up telephones in your home, you may occasionally find your current cable is just not long enough to reach the place where you want the phone. Instead of buying a cable twice the size of your current one, you can join together two different smaller cables with the help of a cable adaptor. This adaptor is small and available at your local electronics store.

Insert one end of the telephone cable into the wall jack of your home or office. Make sure it is completely connected, otherwise the cable is going to fall out.

Attach the opposite end of the cable into one end of the telephone adaptor. This adaptor is about 1-inch long and is the same on both sides.

Connect one end of the second cable into the opposite side of the telephone adaptor.

Attach the free end of the telephone cable into the "In" jack on the telephone. The telephone is now able to make and receive phone calls with the extended phone cable.

Things You'll Need

  • Telephone cable adaptor
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