How to Reset the Car Alarm on the Volvo 850

Updated February 21, 2017

"Jakob" was the nickname of the first Volvo created in April 1927, in Gothenburg, Sweden. The car was designed with an emphasis on quality. In 1991, Volvo introduced its first five-cylinder engine, and its first U.S. front-drive car model called the Volvo 850. The Volvo 850 was also the first car worldwide to feature a side airbag. 1997 marked the last year for the 850 model, which by then included four different horsepower (hp) engine types, from 168hp to 240hp, in sedan and wagon styles.

Lock and reset all of the doors, the fuel tank cover and boot in your Volvo 850 with your keys or by pressing the "Lock" button once on your remote control transmitter. You will know you reset your basic security system when the LED lamps begin to flash in about five seconds.

Press the remote control button to reset the alarm if your Volvo 850 has the Guard Alarm I installed. The status LED lamp and indicators in your car will flash for two seconds, indicating you reset the alarm. Locate the status LED panel on the inside of the driver's door, on the right side of the window.

Press the large button on your remote control if your Volvo has the Guard Alarm II. You will see single short flashes from the LED, indicating you reset the alarm. The LED indicator will light for five seconds, and then start flashing if you left any door, bonnet or boot open.

Press either the "Lock" or "Unlock" button on your remote control transmitter to turn off and reset the panic alarm, if you activated the panic alarm during an emergency. Your transmitter allows "keyless" entry into your Volvo and boot using a radio frequency.


Do not lock your car doors with your key or the transmitter from inside of your car. This can delay quick access to everyone in the car in the case of an accident. The driver's door of your Volvo 850 will automatically relock itself if you only unlock, not open, the driver's door and the alarm will reset after 30 seconds. Your car will also relock automatically and reset the alarm if a door or boot is not opened, and you press button 2 twice in a 10-second period, which unlocks all of the doors. This feature keeps you from accidentally leaving your car unlocked. Check to see which door needs to be closed securely if you see the alarm light glow for five seconds. The continuously glowing alarm light may also mean a fault in the alarm system. Do not give your remote control transmitter to anyone when you need to leave your keys, such as for valet parking. Leaving your transmitter can jeopardise the security of your car.

Things You'll Need

  • Standard Volvo 850 keys
  • Remote control transmitter (optional)
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