DIY Car Body Repairs

Updated February 21, 2017

The thought of car repairs is enough to make most drivers nervous. No one wants to go to the mechanic or bodyworks garage because, even if you've known your mechanic for years, you're never quite sure about what's being done to your car and how the price for fixing it is determined. You can avoid this situation by learning how to fix two common problems: dents and scratches. You'll need several tools and supplies on hand to pull off the repairs, but no special skills are needed. Just about anyone can do these repairs if they're willing to put in the time.

Clean the scratched area off with soap and water. Dry off with a towel when all dirt has been removed.

Use fine sand paper to sand down the scratch. You should stop when the paint surrounding the scratch is level with the scratch.

Apply body compound with a putty knife. Make sure you apply enough compounds to cover the entire sanded area.

Use a polishing wheel to rub the compound into the sanded area. Do not stop until the area begins to shine.

Wipe away the body compound residue and let the scratched area sit over night. This will let the compound settle in. Your scratch is now completely removed.

Adjust the dent puller by placing it up against the dent. With the middle suction cup positioned in the centre of the dent, shorten or elongate the sides so they rest 2 inches from the edge of the dent.

Apply the suction cup adhesive to all the three suction cups.

Firmly press the suction dent puller on the dent with the middle suction cup squarely in the middle of the dent. Hold the puller in place for five minutes.

Let the puller sit in place for at least six hours to allow the adhesive to completely adhere to the car.

Return to your car and turn the middle knob to the left very slowly (if you turn it too fast the adhesive will break its bond). This will pull the suction cup upwards and will also pull the dent out.

Twist the body of the puller to break the adhesive bonds and remove. Wipe away the adhesive residue with a towel.

Things You'll Need

  • Soap
  • Water
  • Towel
  • Body compound
  • Polishing wheel
  • Suction dent puller
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