JVC Car Radio Instructions

Updated April 05, 2017

Get the most out of your JVC car stereo system bu familiarising yourself with its basic controls and functions. Even if you can't find the user's manual for your specific car radio model, this tutorial should help you perform essential operations. For more detailed instructions relative to your specific model, refer to the user manual.

Access the stereo's basic settings menu by pressing the "Sel" button. Use the up and down arrow buttons to scroll through options, such as setting the clock. Turn the volume knob to adjust the hour and minute to the correct time. Press "Sel" again to finish.

Use the source selector button ("SRC") to listen to AM or FM radio stations. Scan the dial manually or use "Auto Search" to find available stations. When you find a station to program, press and hold one of the numbers below the display to add it to presets. Depending on the model, you may be able to store 20 or more preset stations on different bands (AM, FM1, FM2, FM3, etc.).

Press the source selector button to select CD or DVD playback. Insert the CD or DVD and playback should begin automatically. Use the arrow keys to rewind or fast-forward or skip buttons to move to the next track or chapter.

Press "M" to select playback modes such as track repeat, disc repeat or random shuffle.

Press "Disp" to change the display of information on your screen. Depending on your model's capabilities, the unit can display track number, length, artist/album name and song title.

Use the "EQ" button to select preset optimum equalisation settings for different music. It often is possible to customise settings.

Adjust the bass and treble levels by pressing "Sel" and turning the volume knob to raise or lower the levels. Press "Sel" again to save the settings and exit.


If you turn off the unit while playing a disc, the player automatically picks up at the point where it left off the next time the player is turned on. Most JVC car stereos play MP3 and WMA formatted discs.


Never insert warped or dirty discs into the CD or DVD player. Do not play CDs or DVDs that have adhesive labels or adhesive residue because they might get stuck in the player.

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