How to build your own virtual house online

Written by heather kimbrell | 13/05/2017
How to build your own virtual house online
Design and build your own virtual house with free online tools. (family house image by Pavel Losevsky from

Whether you're looking to design the house of your dreams or simply exploring your creative side, a virtual home-building website may be just what you're looking for. Such websites allow you to design, build and decorate a 3D house entirely online. In many cases, you can build your own virtual house online for free.

Design your own virtual house online, complete with an interactive floor plan, 3D furnishings and more with Floorplanner. Floorplanner's virtual home-building application offers a variety of functions meant for beginners and experienced users alike. Anyone can build a virtual house on Floorplanner's website with a free basic membership. Professional users can access more advanced features by upgrading to a paid membership.

Visit the Digital Dollhouse website for a more casual, game-like experience. Digital Dollhouse's fun and playful feel make it good option for people looking to build virtual homes as entertainment. This website isn't meant for serious designers, but offers plenty of features for casual users to build stunning virtual homes. Digital Dollhouse also offers you the ability to share your home designs with friends on Facebook. Basic membership at Digital Dollhouse is free, but premium content and features are available for purchase.

Use Architect Studio 3D to design both 2D and 3D floor plans with a user-friendly interface that's designed with students in mind. Architect Studio 3D was created for use in schools and libraries as an educational tool, but is open to the public to use for free as well. Like the aforementioned websites, Architect Studio 3D allows you to furnish and decorate your virtual house, and you can share your design with other users to be rated.

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