How to Wire a JVC Car Stereo

Updated July 20, 2017

Although the wiring design in every JVC car stereo varies, the installation process is similar regardless of the model. You can properly wire a JVC stereo to your car with the correct tools. JVC produces stereos that range widely in price, but contain basic wiring. The standard tools needed for installation include model-specific removal tools and wiring harnesses, which can be purchased at most automotive parts stores.

Remove the existing stereo installed in your car using stereo removal tools. Depending on the type of car that you have and the type of stereo that is currently installed, the tools and method vary. Typically, for stock stereos, the process involves partial removal of the dashboard to access bolts that hold the stereo in place. For aftermarket stereos, usually the removal of the stereo is much easier. Slide the stereo out of the dash with a set of tools that slide in and out of the right and left side of the stereo.

Remove the wiring from the existing stereo. Cut off the existing plug that connects the wiring to the old stereo. Using your car stereo wiring diagram, identify the function of each wire. Match each wire to the corresponding wire on the new stereo's wiring harness (also identifiable through the new stereo's wiring diagram). When you are finished, you should have connected the car's power wire to the new stereo's power wire, the car's ground wire to the new stereo's ground wire, and so on for each wire. Depending on the model of the JVC stereo that you own, the colour of each wire varies. Typically, red indicates constant power, black indicates ground, yellow indicates auxiliary power and striped wires indicate speaker wires. The wire's corresponding port on the wiring harness usually is the same colour.

Plug the wiring harness into the new JVC stereo to test the connections before you install the stereo permanently in the dash. Turn on both the car and the stereo. If you have properly installed the wiring, the stereo should be fully functional. If the stereo is functional and the wiring is working, turn off the car to ensure that no short circuits occur. Install the stereo into the dash.

Things You'll Need

  • Stereo removal tools
  • Stereo wiring harness
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