How to Access Task Manager on Another PC

Updated March 23, 2017

The Task Manager is a Windows application that allows you to monitor running programs, processes, performance and network activity within a system. The Task Manager can be easily launched on a local machine through the Windows Taskbar or using keyboard shortcuts. On a remote computer, however, the keyboard shortcut might not work. Accessing the Task Manager on another computer on a remote computer can be accomplished using the command prompt.

Log into the local machine.

Connect to the remote PC you wish to access by using a remote connection program, such as the Windows Remote Desktop utility.

Launch Remote Desktop, if necessary, enter the remote computer's IP address in the "Computer" text field, type the appropriate user name and password, and click "Connect."

Allow for the connection process to complete successfully.

Right-click the remote PC's Windows Taskbar. Choose "Task Manager" from the pop-up menu, if using Windows Vista or 7.

Click the remote PC's "Start" menu and choose "Run." A "Run" dialogue box will open. Type "taskmgr.exe" in the provided text field and click "OK," if using Windows XP.

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