How to Program Channels Into the TV Channel Memory for a Toshiba LCD

Updated July 20, 2017

Toshiba is an electronics company with a variety of products, including LCD televisions. These TVs can do a variety of things, including play movies, show pictures, play television programs and often offer HD capabilities. When setting up your Toshiba TV for channel selection, you can program channels into the TV. By programming the channel into the TV you can press the channel up or down buttons to scan only through the channels that are programmed into the TV. Toshiba TVs can automatically detect channels and add them to memory. Then you can manually add or remove channels.

Configure the antenna input source, if you haven't already done so, by pressing the "Menu" button and scrolling to the "Setup" menu.

Highlight "Installation" and press the "Enter" button. Scroll to the "Terrestrial" menu in the menu that appears, highlight "Input Configuration" and press "Enter." Press the left or right buttons to select the input type as "Cable" or "Antenna."

Save your selection by highlighting "Done" and pressing the "Enter" button.

Press "Menu" and open the "Setup" menu. Highlight "Installation" and press "Enter."

Scroll to the "Terrestrial" menu in the menu that appears. Highlight "Channel Program" to bring up the "Start" option and press "Enter" to begin automatic channel programming. Your Toshiba TV will scan through satellite channels and save the active channels in its memory. While this process is running, a message saying "Scanning Channels, Please Wait" will appear on your TV screen.

Cancel by pressing the "Exit" button on the remote control or highlighting "Abort" on the screen and pressing "Enter."

Press the channel up and channel down buttons to browse the programmed channels when the process is complete.

Press "Menu" and open the "Setup" menu. Highlight "Installation" and press "Enter."

Scroll to the "Terrestrial" menu in the menu that appears. Highlight "Channel Add/Delete" and press "Enter."

Enter the channel number you want to add with the TV's remote control numbers and dash button. If the channel number is found then the channel will be added to the program channel list with a checked box next to it. If the channel is not found then a message will appear on the screen.

Cancel your settings by highlighting "Cancel" and then press "Enter" before you save as described above.

Remove all programmed channels from your TV by highlighting "Reset" then pressing "Enter." Highlight "Done," then press "Enter," to save the settings.

Things You'll Need

  • Remote control
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