How to Reset the Oil Light on a Ford Escape

Changing the oil reset light back to normal on a Ford Escape is a simple process. Many Ford Escape models have automated and computerised systems that keep track of how many miles it is until the oil needs changing. Once the oil is changed, it is a matter of pressing a few buttons to return the countdown back to 100 per cent. You can even customise the countdown for how long you want between oil changes.

Locate the "oil life" indicator on the front dashboard of the Ford Escape. The indicator is situated in the instrument cluster around the driver's side of the vehicle inside the dashboard next to the speedometer, fuel gauge and other instruments. Look for a small message panel with the words "info, set-up and reset." This is where the oil light indicator is located.

Check the odometer to ensure it has been approximately 7,500 miles of travel since the last oil change. This is the recommended amount of miles the Ford Escape should travel before getting a new oil change according to the 2010 Ford Escape manual. Older cars may need more frequent oil changes.

Press the "reset" button briefly to start the cycle through the messages that the car records for different engine and car systems. Wait until the "oil life" message flashes. This gauge will tell you how many more miles you can travel before you need to replace the oil. After an oil change, it is a simple process to change the setting to start the count down once more.

Press the "setup" button on the message centre instrument panel several times until the "Oil Life XXX% Hold Reset=New" message appears. While this message is displayed, press the "reset" button for two seconds. Release the button after two seconds. This will return the oil gauge back to 100 per cent. If you have already driven some miles on the new oil, you can customise the reading to match the amount of remaining miles.

Wait for the message centre to read "Oil life set to XXX%." Press the "reset" button to change the remaining oil life. Every time you press and release the button, it will lower the remaining oil life by 10 per cent. 100 per cent equals 7,500 miles. Lowering the reading to 60 per cent will end up with a total of 4,500 miles remaining before the oil change light will come back on.

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