How to Seal a Motorcycle Tire to a Rim

In order to maintain proper inflation and prevent a tire from moving freely, the tire must be sealed against the wheel's rim. This process is often referred to as seating the tyre's "bead," the raised lip on the inner edges of the tire. Doing so requires some knowledge of how to mount a tire to the rim and how to remove it. However, the same process can be used to seat a tire that has been dislodged from the rim during a ride.

Remove the wheel from the motorcycle.

Unscrew the valve stem's inner core with a Schrader wrench. Set the core aside and allow the tire to deflate.

Mount the tire on the centre of the rim as needed. Use a tire iron to pull the tire over the rim.

Rotate the tire on the rim to align the white balance dot on the tyre's sidewall with the rim's valve stem.

Fill the tire with compressed air through the coreless valve stem. Stop after you hear two distinct pops. Each pop indicates that one of the tyre's beads has sealed against the rim.

Allow the air to rush out of the valve stem. Screw the inner core into the valve stem with a Schrader wrench.

Reinflate the tire through the valve stem, using compressed air, to the proper psi (pounds per square inch). Do not inflate the tire above 50 psi, as doing so can cause the tire to burst or rupture. Reinstall the wheel on the motorcycle.


Tubed tires are sealed using the same process. Have the tire sealed by a trained technician if you do not have the means or skill to remove the wheel from the motorcycle.

Things You'll Need

  • Schrader wrench
  • Tire iron
  • Compressed air
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