How to sync your outlook calendar with a Gmail calendar

Updated May 10, 2017

Google Calendar will work with or without a Gmail account, according to Google. Users with Gmail accounts have access to features such as adding events to the calendar from e-mails and sending e-mail event invitations. If you also use Microsoft Outlook, Google provides Calendar Sync, which makes it possible to sync both programs. Calendar Sync offers three options: two-way sync, in which Google Calendar and Outlook calendar sync together; one-way syncing of Google Calendar to Outlook's calendar, which adds your Google Calendar events to Outlook; and one-way syncing of Outlook to Google Calendar, which adds your Outlook events to Google Calendar.

Download Google's Calendar Sync program. Save the file to a convenient-to-remember location, such as your desktop.

Double-click the file to begin installation. As of 2010, the file's name is "GoogleCalendarSync_Installer.exe."

Click "I Agree" after reading the terms of service. Click "Install." After installation occurs, the "Google Calendar Sync" dialogue box opens.

Type your Gmail account name in the "Email" box. Type the corresponding password in the "Password" box.

Click "2-Way," "1-Way: Google Calendar to Microsoft Outlook Calendar" or "1-Way: Microsoft Outlook Calendar to Google Calendar."

Type how often you want Outlook's calendar to sync with Google Calendar.

Click "Save." Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook's calendar will sync automatically at regular intervals.


You must have the 32-bit version of either Windows XP or Vista to run Google Calendar Sync. Microsoft Outlook 2003, 2007 and 2010 are the only versions compatible with Google Calendar Sync, according to Google.


Google warns that the 64-bit edition of Windows XP is not compatible with Google Calendar Sync.

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