The touchpad won't scroll on my laptop

Updated March 23, 2017

On a laptop, the touchpad, or trackpad, is what you use in place of the mouse. In some cases, the touchpad may start to have problems scrolling. If you are having trouble using your touchpad, there are various steps you can take to restore its functions, including scrolling.

Click "Start" on the bottom right corner of your screen. If you cannot get your touchpad to move the cursor to the corner, you may need to hook up a mouse to your laptop for the time being. Type "Main.cpl" and then "Enter."

Click on "Device Settings" and then click the "Disable internal pointing device" to clear it.

Close out of your applications and restart the laptop.

Unplug the mouse that you have attached and attempt to scroll with the touchpad again. Your default settings should now be restored.

Click "Start", "Control Panel" and then "Uninstall a Program." Since the resetting of your default settings did not work, you may have to plug in a mouse to your laptop.

Find "Synaptics Pointing Device Driver." It may also be listed as "Track pad" or "Touch pad." Click on "Uninstall" or "Remove."

Download the most recent driver available for the touchpad from the website of the manufacturer of your laptop. If there is no specific update from your manufacturer, you can find universal drivers.

Install the driver. Restart your laptop.

Remove the mouse that you have plugged in and attempt to scroll.

Wipe the touchpad clean with a lint-free cloth.

Pour glass cleaner on a piece of lint-free cloth and wipe the touchpad, then allow it to air dry.

Try to use the touchpad to scroll.


If these processes don't work, you may want to repeat them before seeking a replacement touchpad.

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