How to Resize Pictures for Twitter

Twitter is a popular social-networking sites that allows users to post status updates or "micro-blog" entries of 140 characters or less. You can upload a picture--known as an avatar--to your Twitter account to help other users recognise you. Twitter and Twitter applications display these avatars at a variety of sizes, including 73x73 pixels, 48---48, 31---31 and 24---24 in size. The maximum avatar size for Twitter is 73x73 pixels, and it is advisable to create a square avatar of this size for use on your Twitter account. You can use any full-featured image-editing program to resize pictures for Twitter.

Open the Pixlr Editor (see References).

Click "Open Image From Your Computer" to edit an image on your computer. Locate the image and double-click to open it.

Click the crop icon, located on the top, left corner of the Tools menu.

Click on a point along the left size of the picture and pull the outline of the crop tool downward and toward the right, with your mouse, to create a square. You want to include pertinent content within this area, if you can.

Click on either of the blue squares at the corners of the Crop tool to change the dimensions of your crop area. The Navigation box, on the right side of the page, will show the width and height of your current area.

Double-click within the Crop area to crop the image to a square.

Open the Image menu and click "Image Size" Type "73" into the width and height boxes.

Open the File menu of the editor and click "Save" to save your avatar.

Launch Paint Shop Pro on your computer and open the File menu. Click "Open" and browse to find the image you wish to use as your avatar. Double-click to open it.

Click the crop tool or press "R" on your keyboard to activate it.

Click on the left side of the image to create the top, left corner of the crop area. Pull your mouse outward and downward to complete the square. You can also specify width and height of the crop area in the Tool Options palette (press "F4" on the keyboard to turn on this palette).

Adjust the position or size of the crop area, if necessary, by clicking and dragging any of the boxes on the corners or midway between the corners. Double-click on the crop area to crop the image.

Open the Image menu and select "Resize" or press "Shift" + "S" on your keyboard to open the Resize options.

Type "73" into the Width and Height boxes. Set the drop-down menu to "pixels," if it is not already. Click "OK."

Open the file menu and choose "Save" to overwrite the current image file or "Save As" to save the file with a new name. If choosing the latter option, type in the new file name and click "Save."

Open Photoshop on your computer and click "Open" from the File menu to locate your avatar image on your computer. Double-click the file.

Click the Crop tool and draw a square crop area over the image. The first point you click on the image will become a corner; pull the mouse outward and downward to create the crop area.

Change the crop area dimensions by grabbing the corner squares with your mouse or typing in dimensions in the Tool Preset palette.

Double-click on the crop area to perform the crop.

Click the Image menu and choose "Image Size." Type "73" into the height and width fields into the Pixel Dimensions area. Select "Pixels" as the measurement from the drop-down menu and "Bicubic Sharper" from the Resampling drop-down menu. Click "Ok" to resize the image.

Open the File menu and choose "Save" or "Save As" to save your image, depending on your needs.

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