How to Empty the Samsung CLP 300 Toner Tank

Updated February 21, 2017

The Samsung CLP 300 laser printer uses powdered toner ink. The toner is attracted to the paper inside the printer to form text and images, and then the paper is put under pressure and heat to fuse the toner to the page. Waste toner is captured by the printer and deposited in a waste toner tank. A sensor on this tank detects when the tank is almost full of toner powder and ceases printing until you empty or replace the tank. If you empty the tank instead of replacing it, you will save on the cost of buying new tanks periodically.

Press the printer's "Power" button to turn it off, then unplug the power cord from the electrical socket. Allow the printer to sit for five minutes to let the inside cool down.

Put on protective gloves and change into old clothes.

Pull down on the top edge of the printer's front cover and fold it down in front of the printer. Grasp the light grey toner tank by the clear handle portion to remove it from the printer.

Carry the toner tank flat in your hands to a dustbin or other container where you wish to empty the waste toner. Tip the toner tank and shake it vigorously with the two round holes that normally face inward into the printer facing down.

Wipe off the toner tank with paper towels to remove any toner dust. Reinsert the tank into the printer, close the front cover and plug the power cord back into the electrical socket.


If you get any toner on your skin or clothing, wash it off with cold water and soap. Washing with hot water will cause the toner to run and stain your skin or clothing.

Things You'll Need

  • Protective gloves
  • Old clothes
  • Paper towels
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