How to modify a honda ruckus

Updated April 17, 2017

A Honda Ruckus is a popular choice for riders looking to save money on fuel, have a better chance at getting great, easy parking spaces and getting around quickly in traffic-congested areas. These motor scooters are practical and industrial in appearance, and they come off the showroom floor ready to go, but there are a few things that you can do to add a bit of unique style and better performance to them. Certain changes can be made for better looks, fuel economy and safety.

Remove the stock exhaust system that came attached to your scooter with an option that will increase power and fuel economy. A variety of muffler options are available for the Ruckus. Choose from a stainless steel muffler for durability, a carbon fibre muffler for the fact it will reduce the overall weight of your scooter or a fibreglass muffler for the fact it is both ultra-strong and super light. Performance mufflers allow the exhaust flow more freely from your scooter and therefore will can increase fuel economy and horsepower.

Make sure to know and follow the laws of your state in regard to emissions. California in particular can be very strict when it comes to modifying exhaust systems.

Remove the stock handlebars on your scooter to add a set that will better suit your riding conditions. If you are interested in short, quick rides and are looking to ride fast, use a straight, short handlebar. This will put you in a bent position but will also increase wind resistance based on the fact you'll be leaning more forward on the bike. Install a handlebar set that is curved upward more if you plan on longer rides. This will promote comfort based on the fact you will be in a more upright position. These bars are often called "cruiser bars."

Remove the stock wheels and tires from your scooter to replace them with a lighter solution that will better fit your riding environment. Stock rims on a Ruckus are much heavier than custom rims made out of aluminium. Aluminium rims are strong, light and can be purchased designed for style.

Install tires with a knobby tread for light off-road use or tires with a smoother tread for getting around the city. Be sure to talk to a professional in regard to tire choices before you decide. It is practical and smart to own a few different tire styles that can be changed based on the season you are riding in. For example, winter is not the time to use a smooth tire. You will need more traction when rain is involved.


Be sure to review the laws of your state when making modifications.

Things You'll Need

  • Aftermarket handlebars
  • Aftermarket tires
  • Aftermarket rims
  • Aftermarket exhaust
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