How to Draw Anime High-Heel Shoes

Written by yuurei serai
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How to Draw Anime High-Heel Shoes
High-heel shoes can vary in size, from one-inch heels to as high as eight inches or more. (shoe image by Aleksandr Ugorenkov from

Drawing anime characters provides entertainment for many artists and aspiring artists. If your character is a businesswoman or a high-class lady, high-heel shoes are a fitting choice to complete the character's look. High heels look simple enough while on a woman's feet, but drawing them may prove frustrating.

Skill level:
Moderately Easy


    Front View

  1. 1

    Draw a small circle at the end of your drawing's ankle. The circle should be as wide as the ankle to indicate the heel.

  2. 2

    Add a line measuring one-fourth of an inch at the bottom centre of the circle to indicate where the top of the foot is located. The combined circle and line should make the emerging high heel look like a lollipop.

  3. 3

    Create a slightly larger circle measuring about one centimetre wide at the end of the line. Give this circle a small portion of the line in its centre. With the larger circle in front of the line and the previously drawn smaller circle, you've created an illusion of depth.

  4. 4

    Draw two more lines that extend from the first circle you drew. Locate these lines at the sides and extend them slightly diagonally toward the second circle you drew--the left line going right and the right line going toward the left.

  5. 5

    Form a downward point, open-based triangle at the base of the ankle. This creates the opening at the top of the high heel, creating the illusion of a foot inside. Make the point of the triangle touch the top of the larger circle. Erase the first circle you created once you complete the triangle.

  6. 6

    Add two concave lines at the bottom of the remaining circle. Make the bottom concave line ride along the circle's outline, and the second line on top of the first one. Leave as much or as little space between the two concave lines as you want, depending on how wide you want the high heel's sole to be. Erase the remaining circle but leave the lines.

  7. 7

    Connect the concave lines and the ankle by drawing two more lines extending from the ankle that connect to the bottommost line. Make sure the line connects to both lines to close off the shoe.

    Side View

  1. 1

    Draw two circles. Connect the first circle to the ankle and make it the same width. Create a second circle the same size as the first off to the side about half a centimetre. Make the second circle lower than the first circle, with the distance between them being the height of the heel you desire.

  2. 2

    Connect the two circles with a line running between them in the centre. Make the line curve up while connecting the circles to create the arch of the shoe.

  3. 3

    Complete the leg by creating the foot. The foot will curve to follow the shape of the shoe, so extend the top foot line to the top of the lowermost circle to form the completed foot.

  4. 4

    Form the toes and arch of the shoe. To do so, draw a line jutting out from where you ended the foot. Make the line slightly diagonal going either left or right, depending on which direction your foot is facing, about half a centimetre. Once you end this new line, create a straight line that extends across the lowermost circle, stopping when you reach the end of the circle. Add the arch of the shoe by drawing a straight, slightly diagonal line from the end of the toe line up toward the outside portion of the uppermost circle. You've created the shoe portion of the high heel.

  5. 5

    Create the high heel of the shoe. Where the foot's heel is located, draw a spike extending down toward where the flat toe line is located. Use a ruler to make sure the tip of the heel is even with the flat portion of the toe part of the shoe. The high heel can be a chunky heel or a thin heel, so make the spike as wide as you wish. Once you create a spike to your liking, erase the guidelines you made and finish adding embellishments to your newly drawn shoes.

    How to Draw Anime High-Heel Shoes
    The spiked portion of the shoe comes in varying widths. (court shoes on a high heel on a white background image by terex from

Tips and warnings

  • Look at images of high heels to help you get the gist of the form of the shoe, as well as to give you design ideas.

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