How to Connect a JVC XL-MV303 Karaoke to an Amplifier

Updated April 17, 2017

Whether you're having a family get-together or are trying to amaze your friends at the bar, your JVC XL-MV303 karaoke player will be the life of the party. It features a three-CD changer, digital echo vocal effects that simulate concert hall acoustics and a vocal masking mechanism that removes the vocal track from your non-karaoke CDs. Of course, if you really want to rock the house, you have to make sure the music comes through loud and clear. Knowing how to properly connect your XL-M303 to an amplifier will get you started on the right foot.

Locate the "Audio Out" RCA jacks on the back of your device. The XL-MV303 outputs a stereo signal, so there is an RCA jack for the left channel (red) and one for the right channel (white).

Use the RCA cable to connect the left and right "Audio Out" jacks to the left and right "Input" jacks on your amplifier. The location of your amplifier's input jacks will vary from model to model, but they will be coloured red and white, just like the "Audio Out" jacks on your XL-MV303. When connecting the RCA cable, be sure to match red to red and white to white.

Turn on your amplifier and put the volume all the way down. If your amplifier accepts multiple inputs, select the input coming from your XL-MV303.

Turn on your XL-MV303 and insert an audio CD.

Press "Play" to start the CD and gradually increase the volume on your amplifier to an acceptable level.


Prolonged exposure to loud music may cause permanent hearing loss, according to the Mayo Clinic. Keep the volume at a safe level.

Things You'll Need

  • RCA Cable
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