How to Attach a Dutch Bike Lock to a Bicycle Frame

Updated February 21, 2017

You can attach a Dutch bike lock to almost any bicycle frame using flexible universal-mounting strips. Dutch bike locks are often frame-mounted rear wheel locks or combination wheel-and-chain locks that are popularly used on old and new bicycles from the Netherlands. A bicycle wheel lock has a shackle that runs between the spokes to prevent the wheel from rolling forward. Secure a bicycle with a Dutch bike lock to make it difficult for a thief to hop on and ride away.

Hold the Dutch bike lock in place on the inside of the rear triangle of the bicycle. Position the open end of the lock, so the shackle will pass through the rear wheel and between the spokes unobstructed.

Slide a flexible strips through the slot in each of the black mounting clips, so the metal end of the strips is seated next to the gear and screw head.

Push the tip of the flexible strip through the centre hole on the side of the lock until the attached clip at the top of the strip seats into the lock. Do the same thing with the flexible strip and clip on the other side of the Dutch bike lock.

Wrap the flexible strips around the frame tubing and run them back up through the clips. Use pliers to pull the strips snug around the frame.

Turn the screws in the clips clockwise until both sides are almost tightened completely. Insert and turn the key, so the lever can be pushed down to move the shackle through the inside of the wheel. Turn the key again to unlock.


Adaptors and other wheel lock mounting hardware is available for bikes with unusual frames and brake placement. Avoid using brackets that can be easily unscrewed and plastic zip-ties that are easily cut. Many Dutch wheel locks offer optional chain extensions to secure the bike to a stand or post.


A bike secured with only a wheel lock can be picked up and carried away in seconds.

Things You'll Need

  • Flexible mounting strips:
  • Pliers
  • Standard screwdriver
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