How to Fix a Swiss Army Knife

Updated March 23, 2017

Swiss Army knives are a multi-function tool made by Victorinox. The knives have enough small tools--including models, knives, scissors and screwdrivers, depending on the model--that many people carry Swiss Army knives with them daily. The knife bodies can last for decades, though the inner workings occasionally need fixing or replacing. Order and replace some parts yourself, or for serious repairs, send it to Victorinox.

Examine your Swiss Army knife for any broken, bent or missing parts. Refer to the manual for your knife if you're unsure. If you no longer have the manual, see the References section of this article to download one from Victorinox's website.

Order any broken or missing parts from Victorinox's website (see Resources). Toothpicks, tweezers, scissor springs and any other loose parts are easily replaced by hand because they just slide into the knife. For broken Swiss Army knife blades, call Victorinox's customer service at 800-442-2706.

Put any new toothpick, tweezers, scissor springs or loose parts, such as a flash drive, into your knife. Refer to the manual for specific placement, since different knives have different arrangements.


Mail your knife in to Victorinox if you think it's defective, as the Swiss Army knife has a lifetime warranty.

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