How to Restore Dell XPS M140 to Factory Settings

Written by charles poole | 13/05/2017
How to Restore Dell XPS M140 to Factory Settings
Restore your system to factory settings with Windows 7 Restore. (computer image by Hao Wang from

The Dell XPS M140 is a laptop computer that runs the Windows 7 operating system. If your Dell XPS M140 isn't working properly or you want a fresh start with the computer, you can restore it back to the original factory settings. The Windows 7 System Restore tool makes this process possible with just a few clicks of your mouse. So you don't have to be a computer science major to complete this task. You can do it with little knowledge and a little bit of time.

Click the "Control Panel" option in the Start menu and then go to the "System and Security" icon.

Go to the "Action Center" icon and click on it. Go to "Recovery" at the bottom of the screen and click on it.

Click on the "Open System Recovery" button and click the "Next" button in the following screen.

Select the earliest restore point from the menu to restore your computer back to the factory settings you had when you first got the computer. Click the "Next" button.

Click "Finish" to start the restore process and wait for it to conclude.

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