How to Get Around a SonicWALL Filter

Updated February 21, 2017

When business, educational, public or governmental institutions set up a network for users to use to browse the Internet, it's common to administer Internet restrictions through the use of filtering software. The SonicWALL filter is a security tool used by network administrators to keep networks shielded from viruses, spyware or malware threats, and to filter websites that host inappropriate or distracting material. Although proficient, the SonicWALL filter may sometimes restrict valuable Web content. If you're confronted with this pesky restriction, a proxy site will help you get around a SonicWALL filter.

Go to to get around a SonicWALL filter anonymously and securely (see Resources). is a free proxy that provides its server to browse the Internet and get around any type of Web-filtering restrictions.

Click on the grey tab displayed on the lower region of the main page and enter the restricted URL address that you want to visit.

Click the tab that says "Go." will get you around the SonicWALL filter on your network.

Navigate to the MalabarProxy website to get around any type of restrictions on your network, including a SonicWALL filter (see Resources). MalabarProxy is a free, safe and anonymous proxy server that will get you to any Web destination you need to visit.

Locate the tab displayed on the top-left side of the page titled "Fast Proxy" and click on it. Once you've clicked on this tab, a blank text field will be displayed in the centre of the MalabarProxy page. Type the Web address of the destination you would like to visit in that text field.

Click on the "Visit" tab next to the text field. MalabarProxy will get you around the SonicWALL filter.

Go to the B Bypass Info proxy website to surf anonymously while getting around a SonicWALL filter (see Resources). Regardless of the network or location you're working in, B Bypass Info will give you free access to any filtered sites.

Enter the Web address you need to view in the white text box displayed on the left side of the page with the "http://www." entered in it.

Click on the tab next to it saying "B Bypass Info." This proxy will get you around the SonicWALL filter that was previously hindering your browsing activities.


Visit the TopBits website, which lists other proxy sites that can be used to get around a SonicWALL filter (see Resources).

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