How to Word Invitations for a 90th Birthday Party

Written by alyson paige | 13/05/2017
How to Word Invitations for a 90th Birthday Party
Always treat a 90th birthday celebrant with respect. (90 image by Harald Soehngen from

Ninety years, by human standards, is a long time. When a person celebrates a 90th birthday, she has witnessed nearly a century of changes. The celebrant has lived a life filled with nearly every imaginable experience. When composing an invitation for a 90th birthday party, keep a tone of respect and humour. Let your wording resonate with the person whose life the party affirms. Match your invitation wording to the type of party to which your guests are invited.

How to Word Invitations for a 90th Birthday Party
Ninety-year-olds have experienced so much life. (senior with glasses image by Dumitrescu Ciprian from

Celebrate the life of the guest of honour beginning with your invitations. Devote a line or two to the celebrant. Write, for example,

You are invited

To join Laura Bell's family and friends

As we gather to admire her wisdom and life

On Saturday, September 19

1:00 pm

At the Brown Palace Tea Room


Please make a contribution

To one of Laura Bell's honoured charities

In lieu of gifts

Write a 90th birthday party invitation with a style to match the guest of honour. Refer, for instance, to the celebrant's renowned sense of humour. Such an invitation could read:

Jonas Miller

Has kept children, grandchildren


And all he meets laughing at his jokes

Join Jonas to celebrate 90 years of love and laughter

Monday, 19 September

2:00 pm

Windsor Retirement Community

Write simple lines for a 90th birthday party invitation to communicate the celebrant's elegance in living. Consider:

We request your attendance

To honour Eva Stone

And her remarkable life

On Thursday, October 15

At 3:00

1190 Media Lane


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