How to Troubleshoot a Fisher & Paykel Dish Drawer

Updated February 21, 2017

Fisher & Paykel is a New Zealand-based manufacturer of home appliances. The company produces stoves, washing machines, refrigerators, dishwashers and dish drawers--a compact dishwasher designed to appear like a drawer in a kitchen. If your Fisher & Paykel dish drawer is not working correctly, there are some troubleshooting steps to identify and clear the problem.

Check that the wash cycle is suitable for the load in the dish drawer. If the level of soil on the dishes is too heavy, the machine cannot clean the dishes properly. Place heavily soiled dishes loaded in the sink and remove some of the food residue before repeating the cycle.

Look below the washer arm in the bottom of the dish drawer to see if any items are blocking the arm. If the washer arm cannot rotate, your dishes will not be cleaned properly. Items such as spoons, forks and knives can easily become dislodged by water jets during a wash cycle.

Check that detergent has been placed in the right compartment. Detergent goes in the large compartment within the dish drawer.

Clean the inside of the dish drawer. If dirt builds up and blocks holes on the spray arm or clogs the drain filter at the bottom, it can prevent your dish drawer from cleaning properly.

Use less detergent. If too much detergent is placed in the dish drawer, it can use the machine to foam up. Consult the instructions on your detergent for the correct amount.

Remove any food residue from the dish drawer. Certain foods can react with detergent to cause excessive foaming; eggs are one of the main offenders.

Use less rinse aid. Too much rinse aid in the dish drawer can cause excessive foaming during the wash cycle. Check the product's instructions for the correct amount.

Check that the drain hose is still connected and not kinked. If the hose works loose or is blocked, water will not drain properly and can cause the machine to leak.

Check the connections on the hoses at the back of the machine. If they are leaking, water can easily escape behind the dish drawer and flood the kitchen.

Call the dealer or authorised service centre. If you cannot identify the cause of a leak, turn the machine off and call a professional before continuing use.

Listen for a continuous beep. This indicates a fault with the dish drawer. Check the manual for a list of errors associated with this noise.

Listen for an intermittent beep. This indicates the dish drawer is paused. Close the door firmly and press the button with play and pause symbol printed on it to resume washing.

Check that the power supply is connected and turned on. It may sound obvious, but this can be easy to overlook when troubleshooting.

Make sure the drawer is firmly closed. If it is not fully engaged, the dish drawer will not start any wash cycles.

Disable the child lock by pressing and holding the key with a key and lock symbol printed on it until the padlock symbol disappears from the screen. Fisher & Paykel dish drawers will not start in child lock mode.

Press the button with the play and pause symbol on it. The wash will not start until this button is pressed.

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