One-for-All Universal Remote Control Programming Instructions for Sanyo TVs

Updated February 21, 2017

The One-for-All is a universal remote that works with television, satellite receivers, cable converters, VCRs, DVD players and other devices. The remote comes preprogrammed to work with RCA, Pioneer and Toshiba electronic devices. However, you must manually program the remote to use it with a Sanyo TV. Conveniently, there is one code that programs the One-for-All remote to all Sanyo TVs, making programming the remote a simple and quick process.

Turn on the Sanyo TV.

Hold down the remote's “Set” button until the remote's display changes to “Code Set.”

Press the “Select” key. Then, press the “TV” key.

Enter the code “0154” using the number keys on the One-for-All remote. Wait until “Success” appears on the remote's display.

Press “Exit.” An “Exit Setup” message appears on the display. The code is saved.

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