How do I Get Cat & Dog Urine Smell Out of a Carpet?

Updated February 21, 2017

Dog urine has a strong odour and cat urine is pungent smelling. Dog and cat urine odours will linger long after you clean the spot where the accident occurred. The trick to getting cat and dog urine out of a carpet is to neutralise the smell and eliminate the odour-causing bacteria. An enzymatic-cleaning product does this because it contains live bacteria and enzymes that eliminate the odour-causing bacteria.

Use paper towels to soak up as much urine as you can. Place the paper towels on top of the urine spot and stand on the paper towels.This applies a good amount of pressure to the area, which helps absorb any urine that may have already gone deep into the carpet fibres.

Use a wet vacuum to remove any remaining urine. If you are able to get most of the urine up out of the carpet, you have a better chance of eliminating the odour quickly.

Pour the enzymatic cleaning solution directly onto the area of the urine spot. Allow the solution to sit on the spot for 10 minutes so it can work at removing the odour-causing bacteria.

Suck up the cleaning solution and any urine particles with a wet vacuum. Do this until most of the moisture is gone, then allow to air dry.

Saturate the urine stain with the enzymatic cleaner. Allow it to remain on the stain for 15 minutes so it can get deep down into the carpet fibres and remove the odour-causing bacteria.

Scrub the urine stained area with a scrub brush working the cleaning solution deeper into the carpet to loosen urine particles.

Use a wet vacuum to extract the cleaning solution and any debris from the dried urine stain.

Allow the area to air dry. If you can still smell a urine odour, repeat this process.


Read and follow cleaning instructions on the enzymatic-cleaning product. Test on a small area of your carpet before using to be sure the cleaning product will not cause damage to your carpet.

Things You'll Need

  • Paper towels
  • Wet vacuum
  • Enzymatic cleaner
  • Scrub brush
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