How to send your birthday card via email

Updated February 21, 2017

Send a birthday card via e-mail to get it to the recipient much more quickly than sending it through postal mail. In addition, you will save money on postage if you send a card through e-mail. The most common way to send birthday cards via e-mail is to send e-cards through one of the many websites that offers the service. If you are feeling a little more creative, you could opt for the second option, which is to create your own birthday card e-mail from scratch.

Hallmark offers a large selection of e-cards through its website. Some of the e-cards are free, and many others cost 99 cents to send. The price of each card is listed under the thumbnail picture of the card when you are browsing. If you plan on sending e-cards frequently, you can purchase an annual subscription to send an unlimited number of premium e-cards.

Dayspring offers all of its e-cards for free. Because Dayspring is a Christian company, the e-cards have an inspirational feel and include Bible verses. Dayspring allows you to refine your search within the "Birthday" category by the style of card, Bible translation used and relationship of the recipient.

The Egreetings website offers a wide variety of free e-cards. Many of the cards are animated using Flash, but some are just static images. If you choose a static image card, you can select the music that will play in the background when the recipient opens the card.

Create a birthday card by hand or purchase one from a store.

Take photos of the inside and outside of the card on a digital camera and import the photos to your computer. Another option is to scan the card if you have a scanner.

Log in to your e-mail account and create an e-mail message. Type the email address of the birthday person into the recipient box. Write a short note in the body of the email, instructing the person to open the attachment.

Attach the photos of the birthday card to the email and send it.

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