How to Print 12x12 Scrapbook Pages

Updated November 21, 2016

The most common size scrapbook paper sold and used by hobbyists is 12-by-12 inches. This is the perfect size for creating a page with lots of photos, text and decorative elements. Those who have traded in their traditional hand-crafting techniques for digital scrapbooking can find that printing 12-by-12 pages poses a problem. Most home printers do not accommodate 12-by-12-inch paper. Those who wish to continue using 12-by-12 scrapbook albums do have options.

Purchase a photo lab quality ink jet printer that can print on paper at least 13 inches wide. Purchase the ink and paper recommended by the manufacturer and follow the manufacturer's directions to set up your printer.

Re-size your scrapbook page in your photo editing software to be 11.75 inches wide by 11.75 inches high. This will make each page a 1/4 inch smaller, however that narrow border will ensure that the edges of your page don't get cut off.

Print a small test page before printing your scrapbook pages. This way you can ensure your colours are printing properly and that none of the colour jets are clogged. If pinstripe lines can be seen in any of the streaks of colour, clean the nozzle as the manufacturer recommends.

Print your page. Trim away the border with a paper trimmer if desired. Slip it into your scrapbook and enjoy.

Inquire if your local photo labs print 12-by-12 pages, or check with Internet printing companies such as, and

Save the original file of your scrapbook page.

Open a copy, format it according to the photo lab's requirements and save it as a JPG file.

Follow the printer's instructions to order and pay for your prints.

Things You'll Need

  • Ink jet printer with 13-inch capacity
  • Photo editing software
  • Completed digital scrapbook page files
  • Manufacturer recommended printer ink
  • Manufacturer recommended printer paper
  • Paper trimmer
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