How to Import XML Into OpenOffice

Updated April 17, 2017

OpenOffice, an open source productivity suite similar to Microsoft Office, features several interrelated programs. It includes word processing, spreadsheet, drawing, and a database program. XML files, known as extensile markup language, tell computers how to handle encoded documents. Many web applications use XML. OpenOffice includes two different programs capable of importing XML.

Start Calc or Writer. With Calc you can import XML files as a speadsheet. With Writer you can import them as a text document. Choose which program to import to depending upon your needs.

Select "Open" in the "File" menu.

Browse through the files on your computer in the navigation panel that appears. Select the XML file that you want to use. Click "Open". This imports the XML file to Writer or Calc.


OpenOffice's compatibility with XML is an ongoing process. Some XML files may contain errors after importing them to OpenOffice.

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