How to Fix a Ripped Bicycle Seat

Updated February 21, 2017

All cyclists know that at some point their bike will require maintenance and repairs, which can include fixing a ripped seat. A ripped seat is not only unsightly, it can cause discomfort while riding. Due to the variety of materials that bicycle seats are made from, repairs can be made using a variety of adhesives or tapes. Small tears are typically easy fixes that take little time, but if the rip is large the seat should be replaced.

Inspect the tear to figure out which type of repair material you should use. Look for gouges and missing cushion foam. If the seat is gouged and interior foam material is missing, you can stuff a cotton ball into the hole to fill the gap. If the tear is just a small surface rip, it can be fixed with tape.

Stuff a cotton ball or two into the hole if needed, and ensure that it fills, but doesn't overfill, the hole.

Place a piece of black duct tape, or seat repair tape, over the hole, then smooth it flat with your hand. This will keep the tear fixed and allow you time to find and buy a new seat if you want.


You can also use a shoe repair glue or a vinyl or leather repair kit to fix certain bicycle seats made from leather or vinyl.


Don't attempt to ride on a severely damaged seat. This can cause discomfort and can be distracting while you ride.

Things You'll Need

  • Black duct tape
  • Cotton balls
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