The iPod Won't Charge on a Bose Sound Dock

The Bose SoundDock is a small, portable speaker system that allows you to connect an iPod, iPhone or iPod Touch directly to the system. The SoundDock then plays the music from the Apple device through the speakers. The SoundDock is also capable of charging the iPod both while the iPod is turned off and while the iPod is playing music, eliminating the need to stop the music to recharge the iPod. Ensuring proper connections is essential to keeping the iPod charged.

Verify that your iPod is compatible with the SoundDock system. View a list of compatible iPods in the Reference section of this article.

Ensure that the iPod is firmly seated in the "connector dock" on the front of the SoundDock. Pull the iPod up to disconnect it. Line up the iPod connector port with the connector dock on the SoundDock and push down until it is firmly in place.

Check to make sure the AC adaptor of the Bose system is connected to a wall outlet and is receiving power. Press the Bose system's power button and wait for the device to power on.

Look at the iPod's display. You should see a "charging" symbol on screen if the iPod is off. If the iPod is currently playing music or on, the "battery indicator" in the top right of the iPod screen will be blinking or moving. Slide the iPod's "hold switch" on the top of the iPod to the "unlocked" position.


If the iPod still does not appear to be charging, the battery might be fully charged.

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