How to Password-Protect a USB Memory Stick

Written by aaron marquis | 13/05/2017
How to Password-Protect a USB Memory Stick
Passord-protecting USB memory prevents unauthorised access to your files. (USB Flash image by Andruxa from

The minuscule size of USB memory sticks, coupled with the large memory space within the device, makes storage and transportability of files and documents extremely convenient. But USB memory sticks, like car keys or the remote control, are easily lost in the hustle of everyday life. You can safeguard your files against unauthorised access by placing a password on your USB memory stick.

Connect your USB memory stick to your computer's USB port.

Download a freeware program that can encrypt your USB memory stick (See Resources).

Open your USB memory encryption software. Navigate to the USB memory stick you wish to protect. Enter a memorable password, six characters or more, consisting of at least one number, one letter and one symbol. Press "Enter" to set the USB memory stick's password.

Close the USB password program. Safely disconnect your USB memory stick from your computer.

Things you need

  • Internet connection

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