How to Turn on the Microphone on a Sony Vaio

Updated July 20, 2017

Turning on a Sony Vaio's microphone is no different than turning on the microphone for any other manufacturer's laptop. The microphone, built into the Vaio, allows the user to record voice or sounds out of the box instead of having to buy a plug and play USB microphone. Windows controls the recording level and functions of the device's microphone in its "Sound Properties" menu. Generally, the Vaio's microphone comes enabled, but, if it's not functioning correctly, configure the microphone's settings or enable it.

Click "Start," and then click the "Control Panel" link. Click the "Hardware and Sound" heading, then click the "Sound" heading. The Sound Properties window displays on screen.

Click the "Recording" tab. Right-click the "Microphone" icon, and click the "Enable" button if disabled.

Double-click the "Microphone" icon. The Microphone Properties window displays on-screen. Click the "Levels" tab, then click the slider and drag it to the far right. This will set the microphone level at 100 per cent. Click the "Un-mute" button (next to the microphone level slider) if the microphone is muted.

Click the "Apply" button to confirm the settings, and then click the "OK" button to exit the window. Click the "Apply" button on the Sound window, and then click the "OK" button to close the window. Close the Control Panel.

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