How to Put a Title on an Excel Spreadsheet

Written by carter mcbride | 13/05/2017
How to Put a Title on an Excel Spreadsheet
Add a title to spreadsheets to highlight what the data is. (laptop image by Manika from

If other people besides the creator of a spreadsheet will use the spreadsheet, then you should put a title on the document. A title provides clarity and allows readers who are not acquainted with the spreadsheet to understand what the spreadsheet is telling them and what the data is for. The title needs to be concise and clearly explain the document. Generally, when you create a title in Excel, you use row 1, since this is the top row.

Decide on a title and then type the title in "A1."

Highlight from cell "A1" to the end of columns of data.

Click the "Merge and Center" button under the "Home" tab.

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