How to Recycle Computer Disks

Updated February 21, 2017

If you own or use a computer, odds are you have at one point owned computer disks. Computer disks are used to store and protect your valuable information, but they don't last forever. After a period of time, they may become broken, damaged or worn out, or you may just need to upgrade to a disk with newer technology or a greater storage capacity. Approximately four million computer disks are thrown away each day as of September 2010, according to, which then add to municipal solid waste. This problem can be solved by recycling computer disks, rather than throwing them out.

Send your old computer disks to a recycling program that specialises in recycling floppy disks. offers a program that recycles computer disks and other computer parts, and also recycles floppy disks, and in some cases, will buy them from you.

Find a recycling centre near you that accepts old computer disks. You can search for recycling centres that accept floppy disks in your area by using online resources, such as Type "floppy disks" and your Postcode into the search fields to find recycling centres near you.

Gather your computer disks and bring them to the recycling centre you found. Let the recycling service worker know what type of materials you're dropping off, as well as how many there are if you're bringing in a large number of computer disks.

Recycle the floppy disks yourself by using a little innovation and imagination. You can use your old floppy disks for crafts and other projects, including notepads, penholders and CD holders. Once you get a little creative, you might discover dozens of projects you can complete with your old computer disks.

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