How to test an internal network speed

Updated February 21, 2017

A sound procedure for testing your connection speed is an essential tool for guaranteeing the consistency of an internal network. Whether you are using a personal home network, a workplace network or a free public Wi-Fi hot spot, you can test the connection speed of a network by following a few basic steps that can be achieved by even the most technophobic of users.

Verify that you are using the correct network. If you wish to test the connection speed of an internal wireless network, make sure that your computer shows it is connected to the correct network name or ESSID of the wireless network by looking in the network connections window. If you using a hard-wired LAN network, ensure that the Ethernet cable that is connected to your computer is connected to the router or other device that controls the internal network of which you wish to test the speed.

Visit by opening an Internet browser, typing "" in the address bar and pressing "Enter."

Select a server to ping by clicking on the name of the city that is nearest to you from the graphical map on the main page. approximates your location by placing a spinning yellow star on the map; you can hover your mouse over the star to pick a specific city.

Run several speed tests. After selecting a server to ping, your test should begin automatically. It is always a good idea to run at least three speed tests to account for any variation that may occur between tests. The speeds indicated by the test results are the approximate upload and download speeds of your internal network.


To verify the speed test results, it is a good idea to repeat the same process on a different computer that is using the same internal network. That way you eliminate any software or hardware issues on a single computer that could potentially slow down a connection and therefore give inaccurate speed test results.

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