How to Reset a JVC DVD Player

Updated March 23, 2017

The JVC Corporation began in 1927 and initially produced phonograph machines. Since the company's inception, JVC continues to manufacturer audio and video equipment sold all over the world. The company also produced the first VHS video recorder that became an industry standard, shortly after being introduced in 1976. Aside from VHS video recorders, JVC began manufacturing DVD players for the consumer market. If your JVC DVD player malfunctions, resetting the device back to the factory default settings may alleviate the problem.

Check the DVD player to ensure that you do not have a DVD disc inserted into the device. Press the "Eject" button and lift out any DVD present in the device.

Turn off your JVC DVD player.

Unplug the device from the power source.

Examine the front or rear of your DVD player and note the model number.

Reset your particular device using the "DVD Reset Procedures" documentation provided by JVC (see Resources). Cross-reference your particular device's model number with the instructions provided within the reset procedure documentation.


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