How to Update the Action Replay Max in a PS2

Updated April 17, 2017

The Action Replay Max cheat device for Sony PlayStation 2 allows users to download cheat codes and game hacks for their PS2 games. The device can then be used to unlock new abilities and areas for PS2 games, using an online code database that is constantly updated. Updating the device's code lists is done by connecting the Action Replay Max to the USB port of the computer you use to manage codes for the device, via the Action Replay Max software.

Download the latest version of the Action Replay Max software from the site in Resources. Double-click the downloaded file to install the software.

Set the switch on the side of your Action Replay Max to "Unlocked," then connect the device to the USB port of your computer.

Open the Action Replay Max software on your PC and click "AR Max Codelist" in the upper-left corner.

Click "OK" to download the latest version of the code database to your Action Replay Max, then eject and remove the card.

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