How to Send Birthday Cakes to Canada

Updated April 17, 2017

Shipping perishable foods such as birthday cakes to Canada is allowed by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency as long as the cakes are shipped by airmail and do not require refrigeration. So the next time your Canadian friends or relatives are celebrating their birthdays, go ahead and send them a cake without worry. The key to shipping a cake successfully is using two boxes for a double wrapping method. Certain types of cakes do ship better than others. Some good choices include: pound cakes, lemon cakes, Bundt cakes, fruit cakes, carrot cakes and rum cakes.

Decide if you want to keep your cake in the pan or remove it prior to shipping. The pan may provide extra sturdiness and protection; however, it will increase the shipping cost and will most likely never be returned to you.

Do not frost the cake. If your cake calls for frosting, put it in a separate food storage container.

Wrap your cake in cling film. If your cake is in a pan, wrap the whole pan with the cling film. If your cake is in layers, wrap each layer separately.

Wrap the cake again in aluminium foil.

Place the cake in the smaller box. If the box is much bigger than the cake, wrap the cake with newspaper until it fits snuggly in the box.

Place the smaller box in the larger box. Add packing materials around all sides of the smaller box. The smaller box should be suspended within the larger box so that it does not move around or hit the sides of the larger box when shaken or tossed. Use newspaper, foam peanuts, bubble wrap, tissues, toilet paper or whatever else you can find so that the box is cushioned as much as possible.

Add 1 to 2 pieces of white bread to the box. The white bread will absorb moisture that would otherwise dry out your cake.

Close the lid of the larger box and test how secure your packaging is by shaking the box lightly. The smaller gift box inside should not move around as you shake the outer box. If you can feel the smaller box sliding around, reopen the larger box and add more packaging materials.

Tape the box shut using clear packaging tape, and affix an address label.

Take the box to the post office and send your cake to Canada using overnight mail.


Try to send your cake at the beginning of the week when flights are more frequent. Gel packs can be used when shipping a cheesecake to help the cake stay refrigerated. If a small gift box for the inner box cannot be found, you can also use cardboard cake rounds. Place the cake between two rounds that are a slightly larger diameter than the cake, and wrap the cake and the rounds in aluminium foil.

Things You'll Need

  • Cake
  • Cling film
  • Aluminium foil
  • Box with thin cardboard walls, such as a gift box or a hat box
  • Cardboard shipping box, which is larger than the other box
  • Packing materials, e.g., newspaper, peanuts, bubble wrap, air packs
  • White bread
  • Packing tape
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