How to Put a CD on Your iPod Shuffle

Written by paul ramone | 13/05/2017

The iPod Shuffle is a compact digital music player created by Apple that eschews the traditional screen and large storage capacity of the classic iPods for simple operation. Like all of Apple's iPods, however, the iPod Shuffle uses the iTunes application to sync music files from a personal computer. If you want to transfer a music CD onto your Shuffle, you can do so with iTunes software.

Open iTunes on your personal computer.

Insert the music CD that you want to transfer to the iPod Shuffle into the computer's CD drive.

Click the "Import" button on the top right-hand corner of iTunes.

Click the boxes next to tracks that you do not want to import to deselect them. Click the "Import" button once to begin ripping the tracks into iTunes.

Connect your iPod Shuffle to the computer with the provided USB cable. Once iTunes recognises the device, it will sync the recently ripped CD to it.

Things you need

  • iPod Shuffle USB cable

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