How to replace a laptop soundcard

Updated July 20, 2017

A sound card is a PC expansion card that assists in the input and output of audio signals. There are two types of interface slots on a laptop: PCMCIA and Express card. PCMCIA or "PC card," is a peripheral interface that was designed for laptop PCs. The Express card is the successor to the PCMCIA card. Whether your laptop uses a PCMCIA slot or a express slot, you can install a new sound card on your laptop in just a few minutes.

Locate the "PCMCIA" card slot on your laptop. Newer laptops have express card slots instead of a "PCMCIA" slot. Refer to your laptop's manual to see which type of slot is available on your laptop. On many laptops, you'll find the expansion slot or "PCMCIA" slot on the left-side of the computer.

Remove the PCMCIA or express card cover and remove the old sound card.

Insert the new sound card into the PCMCIA or express slot. Push the sound card firmly into place. Do not force the card into the PCMCIA or expansion slot.

Wait for the drivers to be detected by your laptop. Once the drivers have been detected, insert the installation CD that came with the sound card into the CD-ROM to install the drives for your sound card.

Things You'll Need

  • PC sound card
  • Express sound card


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