How to Travel With Gold Coins

Updated March 23, 2017

Most people who travel enjoy bringing back trinkets and souvenirs from their destination. In many instances, these items take the form of inexpensive clothing, food or toys. Some travellers, however, set their sights higher and actually want to purchase and travel with gold coins. These travellers may be unaware of the rules and regulations surrounding travelling and coming home with gold coins. Foreign gold can be a good investment to pick up while you're travelling, but you can lose that investment if you don't follow the proper procedures for travelling with gold.

Do a visual check of all the gold coins to determine their country of origin. Depending on where you are going, you will face different requirements and restrictions on what types of gold coins you can travel with legally. When travelling to the United States, for example, you cannot bring gold coins from Cuba, Burma, Iran and the Sudan. Check regulations and requirements for both your departure and arrival locations.

Place the gold coins in a plastic coin bottle and put the cap firmly in place. Place the plastic coin bottle in a carry-on bag to keep the gold coins with you at all times. All the monetary assets you are travelling with, including the coins, should not exceed £6,500 in value.

Stand in the customs line when you arrive at your destination. Declare the gold coins according to the rules and regulations of that destination. Be prepared to show identifying features such as the mark indicating the country of origin.


To avoid the hassles and fees of travelling with gold, you may be able to ship gold coins to your address, but you may still have customs intervention with shipping.


Be discreet when travelling with large quantities of gold or you could invite theft.

Things You'll Need

  • Copy of rules and regulations of the areas you are travelling to and from
  • Plastic coin bottles
  • Carry-on Suitcase
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