How to: Makeup for Warm Skin Tones

Updated April 17, 2017

Determining whether you have a warm or cool skin tone helps make choosing your make-up and wardrobe easier. Different colours are best suited for you, depending on which skin tone you have. The undertones of your skin determine whether you have a warm or cool complexion. You likely have a warm skin tone if you tan easily and have beige, olive, golden or ivory skin. Selecting the make-up most flattering for you based on your skin tone is important to enhance your warm complexion and help you look your best.

Apply foundation matched to your skin colour. Not every person with a warm skin tone has the same colour of skin, so find the shade of foundation that blends best to your face colour without leaving any harsh lines. Even for women who prefer not to wear too much foundation, a light layer helps eliminate redness and provides a base for the rest of your make-up.

Sweep bronzer across your cheeks and temples. Bronzer helps give your skin a healthy, natural looking glow and is ideal for warm skin tones. Most shades of bronzer work on warm skin tones but the darker your skin colour, the darker the bronzer you should choose.

Pat on a thin layer of powder to finish the look. This sets your make-up and helps even out your skin tone.

Sweep a golden-brown eyeshadow over your eyelids. All shades of brown work nicely on warm skin tones but browns with gold in them are best because they enhance the gold undertones in your skin. Play around with copper, dark grey, pale yellows and greens and ivory. These colours all enhance a warm skin tone and make you look radiant.

Line your eyes with a dark brown or black liner. Eyeliner brings focus to the eyes and makes your eyelashes look thick and full. Start at the inner corner of the eye and draw a line just above your natural lash line, all the way across to the outer corner of your eye.

Comb dark brown or black mascara through lashes. Even a light coat of mascara helps add volume and length to your lashes, enhancing your beauty.

Apply lipstick. The best hues for warm skin tones are orange tones, corals and reds. Women with warm skin tones should avoid pastel colours, as these make warm skin look pale and washed out.

Line your lips after applying lipstick and blend it in. Choose a lip liner in a shade as close to your lipstick shade as possible.

Apply a thin coat of lip gloss to your lips. Gloss helps enhance the colour of your lipstick and makes your lips look full and soft.


If you are not sure whether you have a warm or cool skin tone, one of the easiest ways to tell is by looking at the veins in your wrist. If they are more of a green shade, you have a warm skin tone and if they appear blue more than green, you have a cool skin tone. Or if you look better in a bronze-orange top than a hot pink one, you have a warm skin tone.

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